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Updates to the DUP flat line construction include a reverse vee and a slimmer tip and tail, resulting in a solid midsection but softer and lighter ends. The SDR has the bulk of a heavy duty board, but with decreased weight for greater maneuverability, heightened pressing abilities, and increased ollie pop. The pointed ends and unique reverse vee design provide excellent edge grip and rail control. As a limited edition board, the SDR is a team favorite and collaborates with a different rider each year. For this year's collaboration, artist and co-owner of DUP, @yeah_Nahrt, worked with Cam Graham to create a one-of-a-kind graphic.

  • 100% Paulonia Timber Core
  • Flat line construction
  • Dyna6 Base
  • PU Side Walls
  • 600G TriAx glass layup
  • StrategicProfiled Core
  • Reverse Vee Hull
Length (cm) 141 145 150
Width (cm) 43 44 44.5
Rocker (cm) 7.3 7.3 7.3
Stance / Foot placement (cm) 49-59 52-62 52-62
Insert Placement Spread (cm) 37-77 37-77 39-80